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What is urban greening?

Urban Greening is a movement which promotes the use of plants in buildings as a response to the reduction of green spaces in cities. The Urban Greening process transforms buildings in biotopes, increasing vegetable surfaces which absorb CO2 and other atmosphere contaminants. This promotes Biodiversity,improves the urban microclimate and the citizens’ quality of life.

Gardening building facades,interiors and installing green roofs are the most innovating techniques in Urban Greening. This has become a useful tool for bioclimatic design and sustainable Architecture. Benefits:

  • Improves air quality (CO2 and harmful toxins absorption)
  • Reduces urban heat island effect
  • Improves temperature and acoustic performance of buildings which become more efficient.
  • Increases air humidity due to evapotranspiration
  • Prevents the Sick Building Syndrome
  • Increases Biodiversity in urban areas and reduces the effect of storm water events
  • Improves spatial quality of cities and enhance the quality of life for their inhabitants
  • It is a new alternative for urban agriculture