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Passive Living Walls

This living wall involves a supporting structure where the Fitotextil(R) substrate is attached. A waterproof backing isolates the system from the building wall in order to avoid wetting problems. An irrigation network with emitters, fertirrigation and lighting systems are required, however different monitoring systems are optional. Living Walls are beautiful natural structures which can be installed indoors or outdoors.

Energy benefits

  • Improvement of thermal isolation of the building envelope
  • Energy savings due to the reduction of ventilation requirements
  • Temperature reduction around them

Environmental benefits


  • Improves air quality (CO2 and harmful toxins absorption)
  • Oxygen production
  • Increases work performance and productivity
  • Improves visual and acoustic comfort
  • Lower office absenteeism and reduces stress levels


  • CO2 (30 kg/m2 ) and VOCs absorption
  • Improvement of urban spaces’ quality
  • Increase of biodiversity and urban quality
  • Reduction of noise and Urban Heat Island effect