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New Vertical garden at Hospital Quirón Sagrado Corazón, Sevilla

New Vertical garden at Hospital Quirón Sagrado Corazón, Sevilla

Location: Sevilla

Architects of the whole project: Peinado Arquitectos

Property: Hospital Quirón Sagrado Corazón

Year: 2011 (finished August 31st 2012)

Terapia Urbana has collaborated with Architects José Manuel Peinado e Ignacio Quijano and  Peinado Arquitectos studio, to develop an advanced passive vertical garden which is 40 m2 and is a basic execution project to expand the Sacred Heart Clinic, USP Sagrado Corazón de Sevilla.
This advanced passive vertical garden is very special because it marks the first vertical garden vertical garden to be installed in a hospital center in Europe.

The vertical garden is developed on the ground floor on the left, dividing the expanded set, which makes it visible from the main lobby access and therefore taking a leading role within the main circulation of users through the new wing. The project was drafted during February-March 2011 and has been implemented in the last weeks of August 2012, concluding on 31 August 2012.

Jardín vertical USP

Vertical Garden USP

The vertical garden has dimensions of 17.00 x 2.20 m high and consists of more than 1,400 plants selected from more than 40 plant species. The design is inspired by a garden landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx, called “Hanging Garden” and located in the Ministry of Education and Public Health in Brazil, a landmark of modern architecture in the 30s and designed by Le Corbusier. The peculiarity of this garden is that Burle Marx designed this visual piece from a top floor.
Diseño del Jardín Suspendido (c) Burle Marx 1936

Suspended Garden Design (c) 1936 Burle Marx

Burle Marx himself said:

“The garden seen from above is like an abstract painting on my drawing board, but when you step on it, reginae Strelitsia group and the relief of the ground cover, are volumes moving fluidly opposed to being fixed but the sculpture Antonio Celso recumbent and transparency of the glass facade “…” In this garden the use of fluid forms, also relate to the painting and abstract defined by spatial reality, they bring to mind the shape of the Brazilian rivers, as if seen from the windows of an airplane “

Inspired by this design we have created the vertical garden design for the new clinic, conveniently studying the transposition of colours to local species, depending on the climatic conditions of the place and the amount of sunlight each plant receives. In the following diagrams you can see the process:
Inspiración diseño jardín vertical USP

With this composition color, the final step is to develop the plantation from module to module planting schemes which indicates the species to be used, as in the diagram you can see here:

Despiece de módulos del jardín vertical de USP

The peculiarity of this vertical garden, is an advanced and sophisticated in operation, management and control, developed with our partner Idener, technology-based company of the University of Seville.

The vertical garden watered by a drip irrigation system integrates into the fabric substrates,  Fitotextil © patented Urbana. Watering is carried out in closed circuit, so that the excess water is collected in each watering trays located at the bottom of the yard and a technical room, where it is purified and filtered, while the nutrients are added in a liquid form. Once this process is finished, the system pumps this back into the garden watering the plants vertically.
Esquema funcionamiento jardín vertical USP de terapia urbana

(The vertical garden is watered by a closed loop controlled remotely by a computer that measures the temperature and humidity of the system.)

The whole process is remote controlled by an industrial PLC that receives information from various sensors, for example the Temperature, Humidity and PH are arranged in the garden and in the reservoirs to control the physical and environmental conditions that can affect the operation and survival of the vertical garden. Tracking the correct operation is via a remote with internet access, so that at all times our technicians have information and real-time measurement of what happens.

You can see the videos on the news of the vertical garden installed in the clinic USP here:

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In our next blog entries we will tell you much more about this latest project. We hope you enjoy it and found it interesting and we look forward to your comments and opinions!

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