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Proposed project I + D + i

Proposed project I + D + i

Close collaboration between urban Idener and terapia urbana have resulted in our lines of research  introducing a  development for a joint project proposal for R & D + i. We propose a possible installation of a mixed system of passive and active support for our vertical garden systems to better the climate. The proposal is to implement a system of two facades. Vertical landscaping of the interior of one of the courtyards on the building, which would be encourage a number of energy and environmental benefits, as well as ornamental, that would improve the conditions of the enclosed urban space where it is installed. The proposal also will include the implementation of a small pond that will serve as a drip reservoir of for the projected vertical gardens.

Vertical gardening systems will be developed and installed with two types: passive support and active support for the climate.  These systems will be automated through a monitoring and remote control operation that allows real time analysis in order to correct the temperature, humidity and water control, saving time on maintenance.

The study evaluation showed significant improvements in indoor air conditions, which is tempered through the assisted cooling provided by evaporative cooling. This air is also being bio-filtering, thanks to the binding capacity and gases, such as CO2 that captures Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). All this would decrease the need for air conditioning of interior spaces, because our systems reduces the indoor air temperature and improve indoor air quality, while reducing the need for air changes dictated by the RITE.

In Terapia Urbana we continue investigating and studying alongside Idener, the development of active systems for implementation as a complementary technology to traditional conditioning systems, integrating nature into buildings in the hope of advancing architectural approaches of future proposals to be carried out.

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