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Passive Vertical Garden in EUITA building (U.S.)

Passive Vertical Garden in EUITA building (U.S.)

Our first project is a passive model Vertical Garden with an area of ​​8 m2, which have been fitted at the School of Agricultural Engineering (EUITA) since 2006. This is the first indoor vertical garden of its kind to be implemented in Spain. It´s performance has been analysed and tested in different types of substrates and their adaptation to the hydroponic system, and four different material substrates have been chosen (organic and inorganic). These are the species that will be utilised: Ficus pumila, Chamaedorea elegans, Dieffenbachia Tropic, Spatifilium, scherzerianum Anthurium, Nephrolepis exaltata, Saxifraga stolonifera, capillus-veneris Adiantum, Asplenium nidus, and Epipremnum soleirolii Soleirolia aureum.

In this project we monitored the affect of the Vertical Garden in relation to the temperature and humidity of the room where it is located. This experiment has improved our technology and knowledge in situ of the operation of the vertical gardens liabilities. If you go through the School of Agricultural Engineering of Seville, you’ll get to see and enjoy the variety of species that we have used.

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